Parenting Less Complicated.

The moment you decide to have kids, life gets very complicated. From setting up a nursery and finding a pediatrician, to drop offs, pick-ups, and playdates, it all goes totally haywire. But thanks to Safety 1st, there’s one thing that’s never complicated: safety. We make it easy to get what you need to take care of your little ones.

Introducing the Sounding Board - Safety 1st ‘s new blog! We’re here to help make this whole parenting thing go as smoothly as possible. We’ve got the tips, tricks, and facts to help keep your little ones safe & healthy. Head on over to stay up to date on all things safety, infant health, parenting, and everything in between.


Our world got a lot more complicated this year with the spread of COVID-19 and we wanted to do our part to make things a little easier for parents and kids alike. Safety 1st partnered with the non-profit Baby2Baby to donate masks to children and families living in poverty across the United States.

The Safety 1st Story

When it comes to parenting, few feelings are as terrifying as the first time a parent puts a baby in the car for the ride home from the hospital. That's why we invented the now iconic, "Baby on Board" sign. It gave rise to millions of copycats and crazy spoofs. But more importantly, that little sign with the big message led us to where we are today: a company obsessed with the safety and well being of children in cars, homes, and everywhere in between.

baby on board sign

Baby On Board® Sign

Created in 1984 and proudly hanging in car windows ever since.

Grow and Go™ 3-in-1 Car Seat

Grows with your little one from the hospital to preschool and beyond.

grow and go
wi-fi monitor

Connected Suite

In those moments when you're apart from your child, we keep you connected.