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  1. Smart Humidifier - two pack - with image of phone app
    Smart Humidifier (Pack of 2)
    $139.99 Regular Price $159.98
  2. CoscoKids Rocking Bassinet with Play Yard DLX - Rainbow - 45 degree angle view of left side
    Cosco Kids™ Rocking Bassinet with Play Yard DLX
  3. Nap and Go Rocking Bassinet
    Nap and Go Rocking Bassinet
  4. Cosco Kids™ Rocking Bassinet with Play Yard
    Cosco Kids™ Rocking Bassinet with Play Yard
  5. Top of mattress bed rail
    Top of Mattress Bed Rail
    $34.99 Regular Price $44.99
  6. SleepAway Bassinet - Organic Waves - 45 degree angle view
    Cosco Kids™ SleepAway Bassinet
  7. Under Crib Smart Light can be controlled from Connected Nursery App
    Under Crib Smart Light
  8. Smart Soother
    Smart Soother
  9. WiFi Video Baby Monitor - 2 pack - with picture of app
    WiFi Video Baby Monitor (2 Pack)
    $109.99 Regular Price $139.98
  10. Fresh Clean Air Purifier
    Fresh Clean Air Purifier
  11. WiFi Video Baby Monitor
    WiFi Video Baby Monitor
    $59.99 Regular Price $69.99
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What’s the most important thing to keeping your sanity when it comes to parenting? Nap time. You need a break and your little needs rest to grow healthy and strong. It’s always comforting to have your baby sleeping closely to you. That’s why a bassinet is a great sleeping option. Bassinets are usually compact, and you can place them right next to your bed. This gives you the convenience of keeping your baby right by your side, making those late-night feedings easier, because it’s tough enough getting woken up from a sound sleep every single night at 2AM. If your baby is sleeping soundly and you don’t want to risk waking them up, you can simply peek in the bassinet and get a quick glimpse of their adorable little face without getting out of bed.

Even if you choose not to have your baby’s bassinet right by the bed, it’s nice to have one if you’re traveling. Or, if you just want to set up a quick place for them to nap in the living room, while you take care of the dishes piling up in the sink.

Then there’s the Safety 1st Nap and Go Rocking Bassinet. When your little one needs a bit of help getting to sleep, the bassinet gently rocks side to side to lull your little one into dreamland. And it’s perfect for grandma’s house or the park, so there’s rest and relaxation had by all.