Three Benefits of a Travel System

Three Benefits of a Travel System

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Welcome to the parenthood club! You’re just getting started, and there’s so much to learn. As you get ready for your new arrival, you’re figuring out what baby gear fits your needs (and into your space). For sure, a car seat and stroller are tops on the list. But have you heard of a travel system? Some of you may have been clued in by parent friends already, and others might be asking, “Wait, what? Now, I’m supposed to have a system, so we can travel?”

The short answer? Let us give a quick description of what a travel system is and the benefits, so you have all the info you need to decide what suits your sitch best.

The Deets

A travel system is an infant car seat and a compatible stroller sold together. They’re designed to work in tandem and reduce the purchase of two big-ticket items into one (which is often less expensive too). Read on for three key benefits of choosing a travel system. 

#1 Two Things on a Parent’s Wishlist: Simplicity and Convenience

For many, finding ways to simplify life in a world that just got busier as a new parent, is a big #goal. A travel system helps make that happen. It’s convenient for parents and comfy for your little one. As you schlep baby from home to car, to stroller, and back again, you want to make it as swift and painless as possible – for both of you. When you’re going here and there with your cute companion contently buckled in their infant carrier, you do not want to ruin a good thing. Being able to detach the car seat, click it quickly onto the stroller frame, and keep on rolling, is a thing to appreciate more than you can imagine at the moment. It sure beats having to unbuckle a peaceful baby, disturb their zen moment, lift them out of their cozy seat and into a stroller, rebuckle, and get them as comfortable as possible again in order to get going on the next leg of your trip. 

The best part: with a travel system, you’re not sacrificing safety for convenience and comfort. Because the two pieces are made to partner together, keeping LO safe is part of the design.

#2 Two Thumbs Up for this Dynamic Stylish Duo

Something to keep in mind: if you buy an infant car seat and stroller separately that you also want to be able to use together, you’ll probably need to add special adapters to your list. Or honestly, you could unintentionally create a situation that isn’t safe for your tiny boss when you go mobile. On the lighter side, if style is factored into your decision-making, then you’ll like that the carrier paired with the stroller look good together. Travel systems are designed with coordinating colors and features that complement one another.

#3 Time-Saver in More Ways than One 

Remember how convenient we said it is to have a car seat that’s made to attach to your stroller, and a stroller made to transport your infant carrier then transition to a traditional stroller? Well, with that ease of transferring your sidekick from home to car to stroller, you barely have to slow your roll. By not having to remove them from the car seat and situate them in a stroller, then reverse the process later, you can easily save five to 10 minutes of work with each transfer (depending on how baby responds to the disruption, and how much other stuff you’re hefting along).

Going with a travel system also saves you time on the front end, and gets two must-haves checked off your list at once. There’s no need to research whether the car seat options you’re looking at can work (safely) with one of the strollers you like, or try to find coordinating colors that give you a little flair when you’re out and about.

The Bottom Line

When you have fewer things to worry about and more ways to save time and energy, your life as a parent is a little less complicated. If you can make that happen, you’re freed up to focus more on your tiny human. Enjoy the ride.