Mom kneeling in front of cabinets putting on child-proof cabinet locks

Baby Home Safety Checklist

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Originally posted August 3, 2020.

There’s nothing more exciting than experiencing your little one's firsts – first smile, first words, first laugh. But when it comes to first crawls and first steps, that joy comes with an equal amount of nerves. “He can crawl! Now what?”  Whether you’re frantically searching "how to childproof" after your baby’s first steps or locking down your whole house before your newborn even arrives, we've got you. We'll keep it as simple as possible so you can feel confident your little one is safe and live in the moment as soon as they start to crawl, walk or run. 

Padding on Tables & Other Sharp Edges

The coffee table corners and edges we adults whack our shins into are just the right height for baby to hit their precious head on. Protect their little noggins by covering exposed sharp edges with padded foam. 

Outlet Covers & Plug Protectors

Once your kiddo is crawling, theyll want to explore everything and electrical outlets are right on their level. Ensure your little one can't smush their crackers into the outlet or power strip by covering them all up. 

Cabinet & Drawer Locks

You've got things you don't want your little one getting into: cleaning supplies, expensive jewelry, unsafe equipment and more. Keep them all locked and latched until your little one understands what they can and can't touch. 

Appliance Covers

When kids are developing their motor skills, little hands love playing with knobs and switches, and that can be unsafe when they're attached to a stove or oven. Cover all stove knobs and keep all appliances locked up tight to keep your child from playing with them

Door Handle & Lock Covers

What's kept hidden behind doors should stay locked away. Install door locks to keep your little explorer out of where they don't belong: garages, medicine closets and bathrooms to name a few

Baby & Pet Gates

Just because there isn’t a door to lock, doesn’t mean your little one should head on in. Use safety gates to block off rooms or stairs your little explorer shouldn’t get into just yet. 

If you’re deciding where to begin, check out the top five places to child proof, and you’ll be off to the races.