Safety on Deck

Your outdoor deck is the source of summer relaxation, backyard entertaining, and endless joyful family memories. To keep your curious baby, toddler or young child safe on the deck, it’s important to think of a few different things. Using these easy tips will help make your deck safer for the youngest members of your family.

Quick Tip

When using toxic chemicals try not to use them around your children, if possible. If you have to use the products around your children, be sure to keep the containers in your sight at all times.


A deck that’s clear of junk, clutter, debris, and other tripping hazards is safer for both children and adults. Pressure washing your deck prepares it for the outdoor season, but there’s a simple step you can take to get rid of clutter. Place several large containers with lids under an overhanging roof or just inside the patio doors. These can serve as ideal storage spots for toys or deck décor when not in use.


Wooden decks of any age have the potential for rough spots that can cause splinters; little ones who are closer to the ground are especially prone to boo-boos. Check your deck for rough areas, and sand them down before summer begins. This minor maintenance can go a long way in safeguarding your little one from splinters. Be sure to check the sides, steps, outer fencing and railings as well.


If there is a knob or switch anywhere within reach, it’s a given that your little one will want to try it out. Be sure to keep your grill’s propane tank out of sight and/or out of reach of your small child’s curious explorations. Install door locks on the lid, and keep the grill covered when not in use. These simple safety steps help keep your toddler’s little fingers away from sharp edges.


Wide openings are something to look out for. Decks, like interior stair railings, should not allow spaces that are larger than 4 inches apart. This helps prevent small, mobile children from slipping through. Be sure to install a gate at the top of deck stairs. This not only helps to prevent falls, but also keeps curious children from wandering off the deck.

Making your deck safe for your baby and children is easier than you might think; be aware of the potential dangers, and take action before the outdoor season gets underway. Following these simple tips will help you have a fun and memorable outdoor season.