Setting a Higher Standard in Safety

Our locks pass the toddler test 

Anyone who has had a toddler grab hold of their hair can attest to how strong they can be for such tiny beings. Safety 1st locks have been real world tested and are shown to withstand the pull of even the most determined toddlers*.

How strong are toddlers? 

Stronger than you think. Studies show some toddlers can pull with a force up to 41.5 lbs**. That’s why Safety 1st locks have been lab tested using a pull force that exceeds what most toddlers can pull. In mechanical testing, select Safety 1st locks have shown to outperform the competition.*

Leading the way in home safety 

Our dedication to getting industry wide child lock standards passed is leading the way in home safety. Our internal guidelines, designed to ensure our own products are held to the highest standard in safety, will now become the industry wide standards for others to follow.

Look for the seal to see which locks have been

Toddler Tested, Proven Stronger.

Voted Best Babyproofing Brand

* Based on live testing with toddlers and mechanical pull force testing against leading competitors using forces recommended to replicate the typical toddler
(Control doc no: DJ-PSD-NSS), August 2017.

** Report number NBSIR 73-156.; A Study of the Strength Capabilities of Children Ages Two Through Six ; National Bureau of Standards; U.S. Department of Commerce (1973).