Grow and Go™ Extend 'n Ride LX All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

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Built to grow with your child, the Grow and Go™ Extend 'n Ride LX is an all-in-one convertible car seat that’s ready to take baby home from the hospital or bring a big kid to soccer practice. This Convertible Car Seat It has all the features you and your little one need to make every car ride easier.

All-New ComfortPlus Footrest

Our exciting new addition to the Grow and Go family of convertible car seats is our innovative ComfortPlus Footrest that can be used in all three positions. In the rear-facing mode, little ones have an extra 7 inches of leg room, allowing them to ride more comfortably up to the max rear-facing limit. For toddlers, sitting forward-facing, the ComfortPlus footrest helps kids sit more comfortably, and supports shorter, dangling legs. And for big kids, it lowers down to act as a comfortable footrest.    

The spring assist EZ-out harness system makes it easy to get kids in and out of the seat. Plus, the one-hand headrest adjustment and QuickFit™ harness allow you to adjust headrest height and harness straps in one simple step.

When messes happen, the seat pad comes off and goes straight in the wash, without ever removing the harness. For drinks on the go, there are two removable and machine washable cupholders – one conveniently accommodates a two-handle sippy cup as well as your favorite snacks.

Life as a parent can be hectic, but with the Grow and Go™ Extend 'n Ride LX Convertible Car Seat, it’s easy for them to grow and for you to be on the go.

Item Number: CC292-S1-US-EN
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Leg Support at Each Stage

Up to 7 Inches More Leg Room

In rear-facing mode, the ComfortPlus footrest gives kids up to 7 inches more leg room so they can stay safe in the rear-facing position longer.

Support for Little Legs

In forward-facing mode, the ComfortPlus footrest prevents leg fatigue and supports shorter dangling legs.

Footrest for Big Kids

In booster mode, the ComfortPlus footrest lowers down to provide leg support for older kids.

More Cush for the Tush

Up to 50% more cushioning in the seat versus our standard Grow and Go means kiddos are more comfortable on longer car rides.

Parent Friendly Design

Adjust Without the Fuss

The QuickFit harness lets you quickly adjust the headrest and harness with one hand, no re-threading, no re-installing.

Upright Comfort

Kids stay more comfortable in the upright position thanks to two recline options that let you get the best possible fit in your car.

Easy In, Easy Out

Spring assist EZ out harness system keeps floppy straps propped up instead of stuck under little bums.

Easy to Clean

We’ve added a spill proof BPA-free snack lid on the cup holders and made everything removable and machine wash safe.

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