Easy Install Kitchen Safety Kit

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For young kids, the kitchen is an exciting place. They see you opening drawers, pulling out pans, sifting through the fridge, and they want to join in the fun. But it’s not exactly safe. With the Easy Install Kitchen Safety Kit, you can protect your little ones from potentially dangerous areas in the kitchen. We’ve thought of them all!

Prevent a slight twist of the knob from becoming a fire hazard with our stove knob covers. Keep curious fingers out of electrical outlets with tough-to-remove plugs. Stop kids from pulling out breakable items with drawer and cabinet latches. And prevent unwanted access to the fridge with a durable appliance lock.

Each high-quality device is easy to install, so there’s less damage to cabinets and drawers, making it the perfect kit for apartments or rental units. With this comprehensive kit, it’s easier than ever to turn your kitchen into a family-friendly place.
Kit includes 18 pieces: 8 Outlet plugs, 4 Stove knob covers, 4 Cabinet and drawer latches, 1 Cabinet slide lock, and 1 Appliance lock.
Item Number: HS328-S1-US-EN
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