Little girl playing with toys on the floor in front of safety gate

The Top 5 Places to Childproof

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Originally posted 11/17/2020.

Congratulations on hitting your next parenting milestone: seeing potential danger in every corner and doorway. Your wiggly baby has turned into a crawling toddler overnight, and now it’s time to lock down the house. Welcome to the wonderful world of babyproofing! While your gut instinct might be to wrap it all up in bubble wrap and never let your little one leave the nursery, there are lots of quick and easy babyproofing measures you can take. Here are our top five essential areas to tackle when babyproofing your house.  

1. Outlets

Nothing is quite as enticing to a toddler as the semi-face shaped holes of an electrical outlet. However, as we all know, this little face is not for play. Plug up all unused outlets with plug protectors to keep little fingers from getting inside.  

2. Heavy Furniture

To babies crawling on the floor, everything looks like a playground. Secure heavy furniture like bookcases or cabinets to the walls with furniture straps to avoid accidental tipping. Move bulky or top-heavy items like televisions as close to the wall as possible and secure them with straps if you can.  

3. Cabinets

There are lots of things you need to have around that baby shouldn’t be able to find. Use cabinet locks and latches to keep curious hands from discovering your cleaning supplies, sharp objects or important documents. Keeping cabinet doors locked up also prevents accidental pinched fingers. It’s a win-win. 

4. Doors and Stairways

A crawling baby does not a coordinated baby make. If you live in a two-or-more story house, make sure to get safety gates to block off doorways and stairways. Put gates at both the head and foot of the stairs so your little can’t access them from either end.  

5. Doors

Doors are only an obstacle to children for so long. Once your tot starts itching for a jail break, make sure the doorknobs and handles are protected. It might help you get a moment of privacy in the bathroom too. 

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