Childproofing Room to Room: Stairs and Hallways

Childproofing Room to Room: Stairs and Hallways

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Between covering up all the electrical outlets in the house and constantly marveling at your little’s firsts, those in-between spaces have a way of falling through the cracks when it comes to babyproofing. Entryways, hallways, mudrooms, and stairs – you walk through (or up) them every day, but they’re not as top of mind as, say, the kitchen or bathroom. Here's how to childproof your stairs and hallways so your LO can explore to their heart’s content.  

Safety Gates and Stairs

If you live in a house with more than one floor, install child safety gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. Only use a hardware mounted gate at the top of the stairs – they’re built to withstand falls and higher amounts of pressure. Pressure mounted gates are safe to use at the bottom of the stairs. 

Keep the Entrance Clutter-Free

It’s all too easy to kick off your shoes and drop what you’re carrying once you drag your groceries and your baby gear through the door. But your newly mobile kiddo isn’t as sure on their feet as you are, and they’re more likely to take a tumble over the diaper bag. Give everything in your entryway a place to call home and take the extra 30 seconds to put your things away. A bonus: you’ll have a spotless entryway. 

Don't Forget the Front Door

The grass is always greener on the other side, and the world more interesting on the other side of a closed door, especially to a toddler. Your front door might be totally childproof on its own, but if the lock is within your toddler’s reach, reinforce it with childproofing gear. Lever handle locks, door knob covers, and deadbolt locks can help you keep your LO from making a jail break right out the front door. 

Secure Slippery Rugs

Rugs and door mats are a great way to protect your hardwood floors from dirty shoes and wet coats, but some can cause accidents. If your rugs are slippery on the bottom, add slip-resistant grips or a rug pad underneath to hold it in place. That way you can keep all the décor you need to complete the hallway and don’t have to worry about any kiddos carpet surfing by accident.  

Keep It All Locked Down

We all have that one closet or cabinet where unused items end up living. Your LO’s travel bassinet, the spare parts for the blender, off-season clothing – all things you need to store somewhere and don’t want your curious kids getting into. Keep closet doors locked and secured and use cabinet latches to close off any other hidey-holes that should just stay off-limits.  

Now that you’ve childproofed the stairs and hallways, make sure to double check you’ve covered the rest of the house. The Childproofing Room to Room series is here to help you out with that.