Holiday Cheer Starts with the Gear:  What Parents Need to Thrive This Season

Holiday Cheer Starts with the Gear: What Parents Need to Thrive This Season

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Safety 1st makes parenting less complicated no matter the time of year, and we want you to feel like you’re doing more than “surviving the holidays.” We’re here to help you have fun in every silly or stressful or “all is calm” moment. 

Consider this your “Nice List” to keep your parenting spirits merry and bright this season and beyond. 


Deck the Halls with All Things Safety

Keep curious little ones safer in new spaces (like Grandma’s house or an Airbnb) by childproofing rooms in your holiday home-away-from-home. 

Look Good & Feel Great

From sniffles to family photos, our Deluxe Healthcare & Grooming Kit has little one covered—at home or on the go this holiday and into the new year. 


Santa’s Watching (Mom & Dad, Too)

Whether it’s late-night wrapping in the kitchen or relaxing with eggnog, keep an eye on your little one from wherever you are with our app-controlled WiFi baby monitor. 

All is Calm

Once your little one drifts into a blissful sleep thanks to the soft lights and soothing sounds of our Smart Soother, you’ll feel good about moving that shelf elf!

A Room of Comfort and Joy 

Create the optimal environment and keep your child’s throat and nasal passages hydrated this winter with the Safety 1st Smart Humidifier. 

May Your Nights Stay Silent

The Under Crib Smart Light provides a gentle glow beneath your baby's crib, so you won't wake them when you're sneaking a peek in the middle of the night. (Bonus: No more stubbed toes.) 

From Baby Bottles to Twinkle Lights

Independently manage two products using this cool thing you didn’t know you needed! And a reminder—every person on your list loves useful gifts.

To All a Good Night

The holidays can be exhausting, but cleaner air can lead to better sleep for your child—and you. 


The Gift of “Less Cleaning”

Our self-cleaning humidifier stays clean, requiring less work from you—in our book, more time to yourself is a gift in itself!

Pure Love

This is like three gifts in one—our air purifier is also a night lite and soothing white noise machine.

Stocking Stuffers: Safety 1st Style

Rosey Cheeks: Cute or a Cue? 

Flushed from all those layers or potentially something else? Do a quick temp check to see if your child is good to go to a family gathering.

Hear Every Sleigh Bell

When sleigh bells ring, your little one will listen—if you catch that pesky ear infection early on.

Winter Break Road Trippin’

Wherever your holiday takes you, keep your little one comfortable and securely strapped in—our Grow and Go Car Seat is packed with features parents (and little ones) love.