7 Tips for Stroller Safety

7 Tips for Stroller Safety

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The big day came and went, and now you have a baby on board. You did your research and got the stroller of your dreams. You’re satisfied you found the one that has the most features and benefits to give you and your sidekick a smooth ride. You’re ready to hit the road, right? Well, slow your roll. It’s a parent’s job to think of safety first, so you’ll want to make sure your stroller (and how you use it) is safe for your little one. Have you read the instruction manual? Although strollers may seem straightforward, it’s important to keep a few things in mind before you take to the streets. Here are seven simple tips to help make strolling to each destination a safe one. 

1. Make sure your stroller is age-appropriate. 

By this, we mean that a stroller seat is designed for children who can sit up unassisted, and one with carriage mode is made for newborns in the reclining position. You want to make sure that you’re putting your precious cargo into the stroller as it is intended for their age, keeping baby safely supported. For example, an infant has outgrown carriage mode if they can lift up on their hands and knees.

2. Buckle up, Baby.

Use the harness system when you put LO in the stroller. It’s there to prevent them from falling or sliding out and getting hurt. When you’re on the move, check the harness periodically to make sure it’s secure. If your stroller has one of those handy peek-a-boo windows in the canopy, you can keep baby protected from the elements and still see what’s going on. Win-win!

3. Avoid hanging things from the stroller handles.

Like your purse or backpack. Don’t rest anything on the canopy either. This can cause the stroller to become unbalanced and tip over, or cause the canopy to collapse. Instead, use the built-in storage basket and pockets to stow your stuff away safely and conveniently.

4. Choose toys made for strollers.

If you want to give your newbie toys to watch dance about in carriage mode or give your toddler toys to play with on the ride, choose toys that are specifically designed for strollers, like arches, mobiles, or individual toys that can attach to the appropriate spot. This keeps the game of pick-up (when your little comedian laughs as they drop the toy) something you don’t have to deal with on the move. And it helps prevent losing a toy that your little boss will loudly miss later. Have you seen a parent frantically retracing their steps on the hunt for a lovey or toy that accidentally slipped out of the stroller? Not a pretty sight. 

5. Be careful when folding and unfolding your stroller.

Besides trying not to pinch your own delicate skin, your curious one may try to help and get their tiny fingers caught in the act. It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, make sure the stroller is opened to its fully locked position before you put baby in it. 

6. Hot liquids and bumpy roads do not mix.

Avoid any unexpected spills that can happen by putting a container of hot liquid in the cupholder.

7. Register your stroller.

Last but not least, register your new stroller (and other baby products) to make sure you’re notified of any recalls that occur. 

Okay! Now that you’ve taken the steps to make sure baby’s safe when you stroll, you’re ready to roll. It’s a big world out there. Have fun exploring it together.