Stay Clean Humidifier

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  • Kills +99.9% of MRSA and E. Coli Bacteria & prevents Aspergillus mold growth in the unit and helps prevent mold growth in the unit so your humidifier requires less cleaning*
  • 24/7 Sanitization in the unit using advanced LED technology**
  • Filter free design
  • No dangerous UV light
  • LED lights stay on so the humidifier stays clean
  • Quiet operation and auto shut off
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • 1-gallon capacity
  • Ultrasonic cool mist
  • Reduces the survival of the flu virus on surfaces and in the air***
  • The humidifier design also functions as a great night light
  • Keeps throat and nasal passages hydrated, temporarily relieving cough, congestion, dry nose, itchy skin and chapped lips
  • Helps your little one sleep more comfortably
  • Includes Quick Start Guide for easy setup

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