Sliding Door Child Lock


Sliding Door Child Lock



The Safety 1st Sliding Door Child Lock prevents curious children from gaining access to off-limit areas. With the lock engaged, the door will only open 3 inches; enough to let in a cool breeze on a hot summer day but too narrow for a child to get through. The sleek design blends into the door frame, and top-of-the door installation makes it inaccessible to toddlers and young children. The lock easily disengages for periods of non use.

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  • Prevents sliding doors from being opened more than 3"
  • Can be operated from either side of the door
  • Disengages for periods of non-use
  • Minimalistic design blends into door frame
  • SecureTech┬« locking indicator
  • Top-of-door frame placement is inaccessible to children due to height of installation