SecurTech® Simply Close Metal Gate - White

SecurTech® Simply Close Metal Gate - White


The SecurTech® Simply Close Metal Gate combines simplicity and quality in a U-shaped pressure-fit gate. The SecureTech® indicator ensures that gate is securely installed and properly shut. A clever feature facilitates installation and effortless re-tightening of the baby gate.This wide baby gate is convenient to use while a double locking mechanism adds to security. and is suitable for openings between 73cm and 80cm but can be extended up to 136cm with gate extensions (sold separately)
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  • SecureTech® visual indicator confirms when the gate is properly shut and securely installed.
  • One or two way opening keeps baby safe by keeping them off the stairs
  • Secondary locking mechanism protects even the most adventurous child
  • U-shaped frame with 4 pressure points provides solid fit and doesn't require drilling
  • Hand wheels help for rapid installation and to restore pressure if the gate is disturbed
  • Handle design allows easy opening for parents but tough for children.
  • Extra wide opening makes it convenient to walk through
  • Strong steel frame
  • Adjusts to fit openings from 73cm to 80cm
  • Can be extended up to 136cm with separate extensions (7cm, 14cm, 28cm)
  • Compatible with separate accessory (Y spindles) to fit stairway balusters

Why Should I Buy

Easy installation with no drilling necessary. The U-shaped frame provides solid pressure fitting
Easy to use thanks to the slam-shut closing mechanism and one hand opening
Unique visual indicator signals when the gate is securely installed and correctly locked
Adjustment from 73cm to 80cm without extensions (up to 136cm with extensions).