Odor-Less Diaper Pail


Odor-Less Diaper Pail



The Safety 1st Odorless Diaper Pail keeps the smell of soiled diapers out of the nursery. It is a convenient one step diaper disposal system and requires no twisting and turning - just drop the diaper in and go! It comes with Oderless flaps keeping unpleasant odors from leaving the pail. The de-odoriser compartment has child-resistant locking tabs and the pail has a child-resistant locking lid. You are freed from any 'special' refill and the pail adds blends with the decor in your nursery.
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  • Odorless flaps
  • Child-resistant deodorizer compartment with locking tabs
  • Child-Resistant Locking Lid
  • Neutral design great for any nursery decor
  • No "special" refill required