Essentials Childproofing Kit

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  • [46 PACK] - Contains 4-Grip 'n Twist Door Knob Covers, 12-Wide Grip Latches, and 30-Press 'n Pull Plug Protectors
  • [GRIP N’ TWIST] - The Grip n’ Twist Door Knob covers help to keep rooms such as bedrooms & Bathrooms off limits to little ones. Grip holes ensure parents get a solid grip and a neat glow in the dark feature to navigate the door knob covers easily at night!
  • [WIDE GRIP LATCH] - The easy install Wide Grip Latches help deter children from opening drawers & cabinets with a wide catch surface that is easy to engage. You can rest assured sharp objects in the drawers stay in them!
  • [SECURE PRESS] - The Secure Press Plug Protectors are reusable & made to fit standard outlets in the Canadian home. Its round edges make it difficult for a child to remove it, ultimately deterring them from putting fingers or sharp objects into unused electrical outlets and causing harm