7 Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

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7 Self-Care Tips for Busy Moms

Hey, moms. How are we doing? After the longest year in the history of ever, busy doesn’t begin to cover it. Being a mom all day, every day, on top of laundry, pumping, making dinner, working, and more, is A LOT. Unfortunately, one of the first things to go when things get overwhelming is self-care – but it’s the thing we need the most when times are tough. Sometimes self-care just doesn’t feel doable when you’re trying to survive the stress of the daily grind. But at the end of the day, self-care is mental health, and ignoring your own wellbeing makes you more susceptible to full-blown burnout. So, moms, take this Mother’s Day to start fresh and add self-care to your daily routine. Here are seven self-care tips for busy moms.  

  1. Dedicate the first few minutes of the day to you. Set your alarm five or 10 minutes earlier than your kids usually wake up and give yourself a few extra moments of peace before the chaos. Your morning coffee should be sacred.  
  2. Stay connected. When stress starts to build up, it’s easy to leave your phone on silent and forget to talk to anyone other than your toddler. This year, we’ve been more isolated than ever. If you’re comfortable venturing out with a mask, call a babysitter and grab an afternoon lunch with a fellow mom. Even a quick text to your friends during naptime or a FaceTime with mom while you’re washing dishes can give you a much-needed mood boost. They’ll be happy to hear from you too. 
  3. But avoid overdoing screentime. Staying connected to family and friends doesn’t mean your weekly screen time should skyrocket. Avoid the endless social media scroll and don’t play the comparison game. You’re doing what’s best for you and your littles. (And remember: It’s probably filtered.) 
  4. Get outside. We can all underestimate the power of fresh air. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a run or sitting on your front porch in the sun. Time outside just makes you feel good. 
  5. Don’t lose sight of who you were before you had kids. You’re still that person. Buy a new book. Do that online spin class after you put your tots to bed. Make time for your passions. It doesn’t have to be Paw Patrol and Baby Shark 24/7 (although your kids would love that). 
  6. Accept help when it’s offered. Accepting your parents’ offer to watch the kids or your friend’s help getting the kitchen sink back under control is OK. It’s a good thing. And they wouldn’t have offered if they didn’t mean it. 
  7. Give in. Sometimes the greatest form of self-care is giving into the mayhem. Parenting is messy. Leave the dirty dishes in the sink for the night. Let the kiddos ride their scooters on the hardwood floors. Use dry shampoo for the third day in a row. Have ice cream for dinner. Getting the house squared away can wait a day. Or two. 

We’ve all felt mom guilt. But we promise, taking five minutes to put yourself first is being a good mom. So do you, moms. And Happy Mother’s Day. 

May 7, 2021