Childproofing Room to Room: The Office

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Childproofing Room to Room: The Office

Your home office won’t be a place for your kiddo to visit frequently, unless you’re trying to raise a boss baby. While we’d all like to think we won’t ever be interrupted by a squealing little angel while working from home, deep down we know that just won’t be the case. Here are four essential places in the home office to childproof so you can focus on work instead of watching your LO like a hawk.  

Secure top-heavy furniture to the wall.

Where we see a bookshelf or a filing cabinet, your little explorer sees a new jungle gym. Secure any potential climbing structures by securing all furniture that might tip over with furniture straps. When looking for new furniture, look for low, sturdy pieces and place them against a wall where possible.  

Hide electrical cords and outlets.

Your kiddos will be exploring the world through all their senses, grabbing, smelling, and yes, putting things in their mouth. Exposed cords and outlets are an inviting target for a curious tot, so make sure to stow away when not in use. Use power strip covers and outlet covers to keep little fingers away from where they’re not supposed to be.  

Lock up important documents and sensitive materials.

If you’re working from home, you’re bound to have important documents around you need to access. Keep them secure in a locked filing cabinet or behind drawers closed with cabinet locks + latches. Because nobody wants a crayon covered W2 form. 

If you can't make it safe, make it off-limits.

Sometimes it’s just easier to keep them out altogether if there are too many moving parts in your office. Your LO has run of the rest of the house, hopefully they won’t miss just one more out-of-bounds room. Close off the office with a door knob lock – work smarter, not harder. 

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September 8, 2021