Childproofing Room to Room: The Bathroom

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Childproofing Room to Room: The Bathroom

The bathroom – not usually a highlight on the house tour or given as much thought as the kitchen or living room, but it may be the most important room in the house. It’s definitely a contender for the most unsafe room for a newly crawling baby or exploring toddler. Small children don’t understand the potential hazards of beauty products, medicine, cleaning supplies, or even water, so it’s important to keep them all out of reach to avoid any unwanted incidents.  

Keep It Locked

The best way to protect your little one from the potential dangers of the bathroom is just to keep the door locked. What they don’t know about can’t hurt them. Keep the bathroom off limits with a door knob cover or a handle lock, depending on the style of your bathroom door. 

Prevent Toilet Trouble

An open toilet is just asking for trouble. The perfect height for newly mobile babies, the toilet is like a fly to a light. Prevent any future headaches from digging toys (or your car keys) out of the plumbing by using a toilet lock to keep it out of bounds.  

Medicine Cabinet

Make sure any cabinets within your little one’s reach are babyproofed. If you can, move the unsafe products to upper cabinets. For dangers lurking in the lower cupboards, stop the chaos before it can begin by installing locks and latches on your bathroom cabinets. 

Keep Counters Clear

Before kids, you might have left your day-to-day essentials out on the counter for easy access in the morning. But once you have a roaming child to care for, those days are no more. Stow away your beauty products, styling tools and cleaning supplies after each use to keep them out of grabby little hands. 

Bath Time

The most exciting part of the bathroom for your little one – bath time! Getting clean and playing in the water can be loads of fun. Just make sure you’ve covered all your safety bases before splashing around in the bubbles.  

  • Keep the water at a safe temperature. Use a bath thermometer to know when to add cooler water to the bath.  
  • Always have an eye on your little one when they’re in the water.  
  • Make sure your child stays seated in the bath.  
  • Use an infant/toddler bathtub to help keep them situated, safe and comfy throughout their bath. 

Feeling confident you’ve got the bathroom babyproofed to the gills? Read our Home Safety Checklist to see where to head next in your babyproofing journey.  

April 22, 2021