How to Help Your Baby Adjust to the Time Change

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How to Help Your Baby Adjust to the Time Change

However you feel about Daylight Savings, we could all use a little more sunshine these days. But in exchange for more daylight, we lose an hour of sleep when we spring forward. That one-hour shift might seem minor to us, but the truth is, that small change in baby’s schedule can throw a wrench into their whole day, especially when they’re still infants. Putting the baby down for rest time is often a challenge on a regular day and dealing with the time change can complicate it further. The good news is that there are some things you can do to make the time change a little less complicated. 

1. Take it Slow

Think about introducing the time change gradually. Move bedtime back ten minutes every night for six days. Hopefully by the time the clocks change, you and your mini will be right on schedule. 

2. Keep it Dark

Everyone has an internal clock, even your infant. Light (or the lack of it) is one of the most important ways you can help your baby prepare for sleep.  After we spring forward, prime them for sleep by keeping the nursery dark at night. Darkness before sleep helps baby rest more soundly and the whole family power through the lost hour.

3. Stick to Routines

For some babies, routines are the glue that keeps everything together. Losing an hour of sleep would make anyone grumpy, but power through the exhaustion and stick to your usual routines if you can. The sense of normalcy will help your little ones adjust even quicker.  

4. Let it Roll

Another option? Let it roll. Change the clocks and go about your normal schedule according to what the clock says. Your sleepy tot may want to nap more than usual during the day. But this is a cautionary tale, parents. You might end up with a wide-awake, wiggly baby at bedtime. 

No matter how you decide to manage Daylight Savings as a parent, don’t worry too much. Within about a week, baby should adjust on their own.And you can always move to Hawaii and forget DST ever existed, or you could opt for one of the many Safety 1st baby sleep products for sale, then your baby can sleep soundly no matter where you are. Just saying.

March 11, 2021