6 Summer Baby Safety Tips

6 Summer Baby Safety Tips

Summer’s coming (promise). If you’re counting down the days to sun tans, barbecues and a return to normal (a.k.a. watching Fourth of July fireworks with all your friends and family) – you’re not alone. But with the warm weather and longer days, comes a host of new baby safety hazards to look out for. Get outside this summer, sure, but remember these six tips and keep your newborn, or your wild toddler, safe.  

  1. Keep baby hydrated. Babies can’t drink water before six months, so keep plenty of formula on hand or be ready to breastfeed at a moment’s notice if your little one starts looking parched.  
  2. Stay in the shade. Baby skin is soft, delicate, and sensitive to the sun. While you can slather yourself in sunscreen to protect against the sun’s rays, it isn’t recommended for babies under six months. Go for a stroller with a large canopy as a sunblock substitute.  Consider planning indoor activities from 11am to 4pm, when the sun is strongest. 
  3. Dress baby in loose clothing. Infants tend to run warm, so don’t make things worse for them with tight onesies or frilly dresses. Keep their wardrobe light and breathable when the weather is hot, hot, hot. Babies can’t regulate their body temperatures well on their own, so light and loose is best.  
  4. Watch out for bugs. With summer comes a lot of pesky bugs – mosquitos, ticks, flies, oh my. If you live near a heavily wooded area or hike in areas with tall grass, check the whole family for ticks regularly and be wary of mosquitoes after dark. 
  5. Don’t leave baby in the car. Summer brings a change in routine – school’s out, vacations are on, and deviating from your normal routine can throw off your rhythm. Your little one's body temperature rises 3-5x faster than an adult’s, so any time spent in a hot car can be dangerous. The NHTSA recommends you keep a toy in the front of your car as a reminder that your little cherub is chilling in the backseat or store your purse next to their car seat so you have to grab it before leaving the car.

  6. Prepare your kids for summer camp. After a year off, many parents are sending their kids back to camp in 2021. Whether day camp or sleep-away camp, prepare your kiddo to head back out into the wild with the Social Safety Pack. It’s stocked with masks, hand sanitizer and more, to keep them safe even when they’re not with you.  

How do you ensure your kids have a fun summer while keeping them safe? Drop your best summer safety tips on our Instagram page, @safety_1st

May 28, 2021