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See what other baby monitors can't show you.

  • Privacy protection

    Built-in encryption chip keeps your family’s privacy protected.

  • Portable audio unit

    Detects sound & motion without streaming from your phone.

  • Exceptional quality

    Superior design for the most crystal clear video quality.

  • Largest field of view

    130° wide angle with digital zoom eliminates blind spots.

  • Powerful night vision

    12 infrared lights lets you see the entire room in the dark.

  • Minimal buffering

    Uses up to 33% less data so it doesn’t slow down your WiFi.

Monitoring Versatility

Don’t want to use your phone for constant streaming? The Smart Audio Unit lets you monitor hands free at home by streaming live audio and detecting motion activity.

HD WiFi Baby Monitor

Streams live video and audio directly on your phone, anywhere and anytime. Be alerted to sound and motion, with each parent having custom control over sensitivity settings.

HD Wifi Baby Monitor & Smart Audio Unit

All the camera benefits plus the option to stream audio and detect motion through a WiFi enabled, portable in home unit instead of always streaming through your phone.

Parent Friendly App

  • Receive noise and motion alerts
  • Grant temporary access to caregivers
  • Adjust sound and movement sensitivity levels
  • Soothe with two-way talk back
  • Share moments with family and friends
  • View 24-hour timeline with free cloud video storage

Accolades and Awards

"The best new thing in baby monitoring!"
"Has features you will never want to live without."
"#2 Best Baby Video Monitors of 2019"
"Camera's motion and sound detection work perfectly."

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